BOOK:  Agency and Democracy in Development Ethics

Book description

A diverse set of expert voices from the Global North and South - philosophers, economists, policy and development scholars and practitioners - explore two themes central to development ethics: agency and democracy. Established luminaries in development ethics engage with the book's themes alongside fresh voices on the way to becoming familiar figures in the field. Their essays work within diverse areas of development studies, including human security and human rights, democratic governance in theory and practice, the capability approach, gender and development, and applied and theoretical critiques of the philosophical underpinnings of various accounts of development. The result is a varied and comprehensive discussion of current work in development ethics that significantly advances our understanding of theoretical and practical work of development. This book will interest students, scholars, and practitioners of global justice, human rights, international development and political philosophy.


'There may be little justice in the world, but it is wonderful to see an excellent collection of insightful essays on development ethics written in honour of a pioneering contributor to the subject, David A. Crocker. The fact that the essays are inspired by and engage Crocker’s original ideas makes this festschrift all the more significant.'

Amartya Sen - Thomas W. Lamont University Professor, Harvard University, Massachusetts

‘David A. Crocker has been a leading figure in the multidisciplinary field of developmental ethics stressing the themes of agency and participatory deliberative democracy. He has inspired a generation of thinkers throughout the North and South who engage his thinking in this splendid collection of essays. Crocker contributes to the volume by answering his critics and developing his conception of liberal perfectionism. This is an extremely lively and timely discussion of fundamental issues confronting us today.'

Richard J. Bernstein - Vera List Professor of Philosophy, The New School for Social Research, New York

'This volume is a wonderful tribute to David A. Crocker, a pioneer in the field of development ethics, a humanist, and a dedicated teacher. Written by some of the top thinkers in this field, these essays are testimony both to the wide-ranging influence of Crocker’s work on agency, capability and inclusive democracy, and to the importance of bringing together philosophy, development and critical theory. Crocker’s responses to points raised by some authors adds further to the volume’s intellectual sparkle. Those unfamiliar with these fine thinkers should begin here, while those already embedded in the field will find herein exciting new pathways of engagement.'

Bina Agarwal - University of Manchester

‘David A. Crocker has made crucial contributions to development ethics and the human development approach, in particular with his agency-oriented capability approach. The essays in this impressive volume testify to the great influence that David A. Crocker has had on several generations of scholars and students, and how he keeps inspiring others to take the important tasks of development ethics further. This volume will be required reading for students and scholars in development ethics, human development, capability theory, and related fields.'

Ingrid Robeyns - Chair Ethics of Institutions, Universiteit Utrecht

'In this impressive collection of essays, Keleher and Kosko have succeeded mightily in highlighting the deep contributions that David A. Crocker has made in his long career studying and expanding the field of development ethics. A particular success has been bringing a new focus on the roles of agency and deliberative democracy to bear on the capabilities approach. The essays of the many illustrious contributors highlight his contributions as well as the daunting obstacles that remain to achieving a development process that is ethical, equitable, and democratic for the many deprived populations of the world. The volume covers the philosophical, moral, and empirical aspects of this global challenge and is truly a wonderful read.'

Carol Graham - Leo Pasvolsky Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution; College Park Professor, University of Maryland

'Edited in honour of David A. Crocker, the collection brilliantly brings together analyses, critiques, evaluations, amendments, and refinements of key concepts governing the paradigm of development ethics. The book voices the wealth of concepts of a whole solid school of social theory and the philosophical ramifications in its magnificent global perspectives; bringing into play the thoughts of such great philosophers of development as A. Sen, D. Crocker, S. Alkire, D. Goulet, J. Rawls, M. Nussbaum, and many other philosophers of development and democracy theory.'

Ezroura Mohamed - Mohammed V University, Morocco