College Park Scholars International Studies

College Park Scholars is a living-learning program that provides first- and second-year University of Maryland students with the attention of a small college, but the opportunities of a cutting-edge research university.  International Studies is one of twelve thematic programs within Scholars.

Around the world traditional ways of thinking about identity and power are unraveling in response to the disruptive forces of globalization, nations are turning inward, trust in public and private institutions is in crisis, and yet more and more people from more places are now able to participle in their local and global economies and institutions.  We are more connected to and dependent on each other than ever.  Our role as an institution of higher education is to create an environment that enables and empowers students to embrace and exercise their creative & innovative spirit to solve grand challenges 

Scholars International Studies is ideal for students in any major and from any background who are interested in better understanding the world as it is (including the forces that are shaping it), who wish to conceive a vision for the world as it might be, and who are committed to developing the skills and mindset of a global citizen, including an understanding of global justice, development ethics, human rights, and human dignity.