Minor in International Development & Conflict Management

The Minor in International Development and Conflict Management (MIDCM) prepares students with the theoretical frameworks and practical skills necessary to address critical global concerns. There are currently over 100 students enrolled in the program from a variety of academic disciplines, united by their interest in enhancing their understanding of conflict resolution, international development, and humanitarian relief.

The MIDCM program is one of the specialization tracks offered through the Global Studies Minor Program. MIDCM provides access to highly-qualified faculty and development practitioners, encourages the pursuit of internship opportunities, and allows the integration of volunteer and study abroad experiences. The MIDCM program totals 16 credits, and is organized around a set of core and capstone courses, electives, and a practicum experience that involves substantive engagement with the fields of development or conflict management. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply and investigate the ways in which MIDCM can supplement their own field of study.

The MIDCM recruits students once per academic year, at the beginning of the Spring semester.  Check the MIDCM website for the application link.  For more information, please email us at MIDCMinfo@umd.edu.